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Final Project—Freestyler

David, LIU Da   13253646

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Video Audio
1.Self introduction (A –roll)(00:05-00:13) I’m Sun Lei and this is my 4th year in Hong Kong and I major in Chinese Journalism in Hong Kong Baptist University.
2. Picture of Sun’s radio station(00:13-00:15) I established a Chinese online radio station.
3. (A-roll) Interview Sun(00:15-00:18) Actually, my original intention is just for playing.
4. (A-roll) Interview Sun(00:18-00:35) We did not have the time and willingness to think much about the name. Actually, there is another reason to name it ‘No such Radio’. Since our radio focuses on comment on current events. They may involve many sensitive topics. Maybe due to unexpected censorship, sometime the radio will really turn to be ‘No Such Radio’.
5. Picture of the censorship towards the radio station + picture of a gesture(00:35-00:38 + 00:38-00:41) Before our account was permanently closed down, our tweets had been sealed out for five times. Anyway, we just do it for fun. Even though we are blocked, so what?
6. (B-roll) Operating the radio station(00:42-01:00) We focus on local news now. The basic reason for us to choose Hong Kong news is that this is closely related to our major subject. We have the credibility in this field.
7. (B-roll) Close-up of Sun’s hands + (B-roll) Walking and talking outside the lift(01:01-01:09 + 01:09-01:18) Secondly, we believe those mainland students and citizens are considering Hong Kong in an inappropriate and unilateral way because most of them only receive information from Mainland media. They cannot understand the political system or culture of Hong Kong.
8. (A-roll) Interview Chen Zhe(01:19-01:29) He can come out with numbers of ideas and try his best on what he is interested in. More importantly, he can dedicate on realizing his ideas.
9. (A-roll) +(B-roll) Website page of the report of Sun’s tutor group+(A-roll) +(B-roll) Another website article about the group showing the number of tutors(01:29-01:40 +01:41-01:46 +01:47-01:51 +01:52-01:57 +01:58-02:02) About the tutor group, actually, I did it by chance. Before I finished my internship, somehow I woke up with the idea of having the tutor group. So I immediately put my ideas on social networks and got 7 or 8 positive response. My plan was to build up my team and gain fame by being reported. After gaining good fame, all the rest things would go well.
  1. (B-roll) Sun is broadcasting.


10. Picture of Sun reporting a football match I have played for the university football team and taken part in the League Match.
11. (A-roll) Interview Hao Luyan + Picture of Sun looking at computer+ Picture of Sun reporting football match+ (A-roll) Interview Hao Luyan(02:06-02:12 +02:13-02:17 +02:18-02:21+ 02:24) Sun is a freestyle guy but he can take things seriously. For example, when he is doing the live report of football matches, he is extremely dedicated and he does perfectly in every detail.
12. (A-roll) Interview Sun(02:24-02:38) In fact, I don’t talk much about what I plan to do or what I want to do in daily life. Only when I’m close to my goal will I tell others about what I’m doing, like the radio station.
13. (B-roll) Sun talking in the corridor+ (A-roll) Interview Sun(02:38-02:45) As for freestyle, it means having open mind and more ideas.
14. (B-roll) Operate the radio operator(02:46-02:49) When taking action, I’m kind of serious.
15. (A-roll) Interview Sun Lei(02:50-03:14) If I don’t realize my ideas in time, maybe I can never accomplish it in the rest of my life. With the same idea, if you miss the right time maybe you can never have the same conditions anymore. And with wrong timing, it can even be hard to duplicate what you have done before.
16. (B-roll) Looking at the night scene(03:14-03:20) In fact, I’m just an ordinary person. Some people just see me try many things
17. (B-roll) Clean-in and clean-out(03:21-03:27) and think I must be busy, whatever. But actually,
  1. Picture of a camera showing Sun


my life is just ordinary, not much different from others’.
19. (A-roll) Interview Sun.(03:33-03:36) ‘I am who I am.’



Text Story—Freestyler

On Thursday, 20 Nov. 2014, Hong Kong Baptist University’s year 4 Mainland student Sun Lei broadcasted a program for the online radio station he established, which named ‘No Such Radio’ as usual.


He came up with the idea of having a radio station of his own in the mid of March 2013. After preparing for equipment and getting team members together, the first program came out on 1 Apr.


‘Just for fun.’ Sun explained why he established such a radio station, ‘we feel free to produce our programs as we are doing something we enjoy doing, not for other purposes.’ In fact, the radio station has already been famous among Mainland students in Hong Kong Baptist University, as it provides various viewpoints towards local news in a humorous way.


‘I strongly feel it necessary to report the fact.’ Sun and his teammates have reported significant events in Hong Kong, including Occupy Central, which underwent censorship when posted on a Mainland social website.


‘Once our program is censored, the radio station may be banned. So we just name it ‘No such station’. I don’t care much about the name, in fact.’ Sun explained.


Chen Zhe, a core member of ‘No Such Radio’, regards Sun as a proactive person. ‘He has a lot of ideas and more importantly, he can always turn those ideas into reality.’


Sun defines himself as a freestyler but emphasizes that it is his mind that being freestyle, not his actions to realize his ideas.


Last summer, Sun grouped a tutor team providing tutorials for middle school students in his hometown. After having thought of organizing a tutor team, he used four days to find all the tutors, who were middle school graduates. ‘Again, it is just something I would like to do.’


Sun ‘would like to’ have various attempts. He has participated in several societies in the university and enjoyed a lot. ‘He is a easy-going guy, kind of freestyle.’ said Hao Luyan, who knows Sun as they are both members of the university football team.


For Sun, being freestyle does not mean taking nothing seriously. Rather, a freestyler tries his best to do everything he has interest in.



Source List

SUN Lei           Wechat Account: RaySun00       Founder of the radio station ‘No Such Radio’

CHEN Zhe          Wechat Account: usher10       Reporter of ‘No Such Radio’

HAO Luyan         Wechat Account: haoluyan   Manager of the University Soccer Team

Vox Pop about iPhone 6==

  Introduction As iPhone 6 is available for reservation, there is a mad rush to the new Apple product. This time, the Apple Company offers online reserving as the only purchasing way in Hong Kong instead of queuing at the Apple Store. Millions of buyers try to reserve new phones online but find it hard to succeed. Meanwhile, scalpers embrace their market, since there is a large demand of iPhone 6 from those who cannot manage to buy online. In the vox pop, we interview scalpers to look into their trading details. Also, we hear the voices from university students to know their experience of buying iPhone 6 and their opinions on the ‘Mad Rush’ phenomenon. Through words of our interviewees, we can roughly see a picture drawn by the welcome iPhone 6. iPhone 6 is CALLING!

Group Member:

Gloria, SONG Ge

Watson, TAN Tianyamei

Malina, YAO Yuxin

[JOUR2006] A person’s day


CHAN Yik Man works as a part-time cleaner in HKBU resident halls. She is a housewife and looks after her young children on weekdays and only works as a cleaner on weekends from 8 o’clock in the morning to 6pm. Ms.Chan lives a comparatively hard life and sometimes concerns about the daily costs of her daily life as well as her children’s future. When I asked for permission to photograph her, she agreed almost without hesitation. She began chat with me as she was working, cleaning the lounge and the corridor. Some topics she covered astonished me as I had not expected her to mention about those contents in our brief conversation. The photo video shows a nutshell picture of this young lady, revealing something that people live around them might be unfamiliar with.


1# Although it was Saturday, Ms. Chan and her fellow colleagues had to take attendance on time. The attendance should be taken 3 times each working day at the Ground floor of the south tower of hall.

2# Ms. Chan hurried to her work place without breakfast. She told that it could be horrible if she missed the time for taking attendance.

3# Before 9 am, Ms. Chan had already packed the garbage from the floor lounge. After packing, she just left the big bag of garbage beside the lifts and went on her cleaning work in dormitory rooms.

4# The corridor was quite quiet on Saturdays as many students might go back homes. I told Ms. Chan that I was not willing to hang out because it was crowded in Mongkok and other shopping places. Mopping the floor, Ms. Chan commented on the phenomenon of mainland tourists’ flooding in Hong Kong on weekends for shopping as “unavoidable” with a sense of understanding in her words.

5# The last thing to do before the break at noon was cleaning the lounge, including the public kitchen. Ms. Chan did not stop complaining about those students’ being irresponsible as they did not tidy up the kitchen and the pans for public use. She felt ‘disgusting’ when completing her cleaning work.

6#A friend of Ms. Chan, who was also a cleaner in the campus, called her, discussing about the location they would meet after finishing their work so that they could go together to buy themselves lunch.

7# Knowing her friend had already finished the whole morning’s work, Ms. Chan mopped the last several square meters in a hurry.

8#  It is around 12 o’clock at noon. Ms. Chan put the cleaning tools in order and hurried to meet her fellow colleagues.

9# Ms. Chan went into a room on the 1st floor which was for her and her colleagues to take a lunch break. Some ladies used the microwave ovens to heat their food that they bought from home. Others, including Ms. Chan, found it inconvenient to cook beforehand and chose to buy food from the canteen.

10# It was a leisure time for these ladies. They read newspapers, chatting with others at the same time. Most often, they talked about prices of one certain product in different supermarkets.

11# As the clock pointed past 12 o’clock, ladies in the gathering room stood up and went out quickly.

12# Every one rushed downstairs to secondly take attendance on that day. When they were in such hurry, some of them were still chatting.  Ms. Chan had already taken her 2nd attendance for that day, greeting her friends at the end of the stairs.

13# Posts showed regulations for taking attendance. Cleaning ladies stood in a queue and took attendance one by one.

14# On her way back home after 18 o’clock, Ms. Chan went by the university library. In the afternoon, she asked me about the general tuition fee of universities and showed worries about the financial burden coming from the young generation’s education.

15# Ms. Chan said her life, no matter as a housewife or as a part-time cleaner, was toilsome. She also told that every time she went to the campus to work, she passed through the expensive and even luxurious houses in Kowloon Tong and felt that she was living in a place which contained people of all different classes.